Metro Link Releases Open Motif with Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Metro Link Inc., a leading provider of Motif GUI software, has released Open Motif with Metro Link's enhancements and bug fixes, available for free FTP download. As an official supporter of the Open Motif initiative, Metro Link is now providing freely downloadable Motif binary packages based on this source code. The latest Metro Link Open Motif binary or source packages can be obtained from the product download page on their website at Metro Link's Open Motif binary packages are also available directly from The Open Group's official Open Motif Web site at Metro Link continues to offer and support its various commercial versions of Motif, including Metro Motif Complete! and a $99 downloadable supported version of Motif 1.2.4 or 2.1.30. The company's products are standards-based and have proven mission-critical reliability, with many being used in applications that demand high reliability such as the Boeing 777 and Space Shuttle.