Macmillan USA and MandrakeSoft Release Latest Linux-Based Products

Macmillan USA and MandrakeSoft are set to release their latest Linux-based products within weeks. Two specific software products, Linux-Mandrake 7.1 Complete and Linux-Mandrake 7.1 Deluxe, will be released in the upcoming month.

Linux for Windows 7.1, which incorporates the Linux-Mandrake operating system, will also be available during the same time-frame. Linux-Mandrake is a well-known Linux mainstay, most regarded for its ease-of-use--particularly for both the burgeoning newbie market and the small and medium-sized businesses. MandrakeSoft and Macmillan are solid forces in the Linux market, offering three of the top ten retail Linux products. The Linux-Mandrake 7.1 Complete and Deluxe products will provide newbies (as well as the Linux-savvy) features and tools that promise to take their Linux experience to a new level. Major improvements feature enhanced hardware detection and a multi-disc installation with more applications and utilities included in the core distribution. All available Helix Code GNOME improvements are incorporated in Macmillan's Linux-Mandrake 7.1 Complete and Deluxe products, as well as enhanced default settings for GNOME & KDE environments. A modified Qt library (foundation of KDE applications, supporting Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) and a new menu system that updates automatically when new packages are installed is also included.

Several Mandrake-specific tools available in the 7.1 products make installation and configuration even easier. Macmillan USA is a unit of Pearson Technology Group, the world's largest provider of consumer and professional computer, information technology, engineering and reference content. They are one of the industry's leading innovators in both print and digital formats, with imprints including Que, Sams, BradyGAMES Strategy Guides, Que Learning Systems, Macmillan Software and Macmillan Lifestyles, publisher of the best-selling Complete Idiot's Guide line of reference books. MandrakeSoft publishes the Linux-Mandrake operating system based on open-source development (which provides free access to source code published in accordance with a General Public License, or GPL). Several hundred developers throughout the world contribute to the continuous improvement of the distribution product directly over the Internet. This international developer community has given Linux-Mandrake a product that is available in over 50 languages.