Shane O'Donnell to Present at LinuxFest2000

Shane O'Donnell, Open Source Project Manager for OpenNMS, will present on enterprise management software, Linux in the enterprise, and the open source movement at the upcoming LinuxFest 2000 conference in Overland Park, KS. He notes that Red Hat's IPO has legitimized open source efforts and he is excited to evangelize on behalf of it. Enterprise management includes deploying software capable of finding and identifying devices in a network, verifying their availability, and providing services required of them. OpenNMS' Bluebird Project will deliver a software solution that meets these requirements and provide the source code at no cost. LinuxFest 2000 will feature over 60,000 square feet of trade show display space, conference sessions, and a four-day seminar track. Major international companies like Red Hat will be present, providing an opportunity for many in the midwest to see Linux up close in operation.