MontaVista Announces pSOS-to-Linux Transition Kit for Embedded Applications

MontaVista, Inc., developer of the Hard HatTM Linux operating system for embedded applications, has announced immediate availability of a pSOS-to-Linux transition kit, easing support for and portation of legacy code from the widely-deployed pSOS real-time operating system. The open-source virtual machine software and porting tools streamline the transition to Linux for thousands of pSOS applications in telecommunications, networking, instrumentation, transportation, and control. MontaVista is delivering support for legacy RTOS code along with a family of development tools, services, training and documentation. The announcement is significant in light of the acquisition of Integrated Systems Inc., provider of the pSOS embedded operating system, by Wind River Systems of Alameda, CA, in late 1998. MontaVista's solution offers developers a straightforward path from pSOS and VxWorks to Hard Hat Linux, an open source, 100% royalty-free, reliable, standards-based embedded platform.