Red Hat Linux and Donovan Systems Announce Regional Partnership

Donovan Systems and Red Hat have announced a regional partnership that puts Red Hat Linux on Donovan's powerful 64-bit platform and provides for increased Red Hat Linux support, training and certification in Asia. Donovan will bundle Red Hat Linux software, documents and media with all its servers and provide 24 x 7 technical support, to cater for the growing regional demand for Linux support and training. In partnership with Red Hat, Donovan staff have undertaken training to become Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE), which is a highly sought after qualification. The partnership results in a best-of-breed Linux solution, combining Red Hat Linux, the most widely used Linux distribution, with Donovan's high performance 64-bit hardware. End-users will also benefit greatly from the increased availability of local expertise and training in 64-bit Linux. The partnership complements Red Hat's position as the market leader in open source operating system software, services and information, and Donovan's goals to give customers better value for a business solution replicates Red Hat's commitment to meeting customers' needs in a cost-effective manner.

Red Hat Linux offers high-end features such as clustering, and has a comprehensive software bundle. It includes functionality to serve Web pages, email, DNS, news, and more, for multiple sites, with virtual hosting. The popular Apache Web server and Sendmail email package allow users to set up anything from a small intranet server to a large virtual hosted server for hundreds of clients. Other packages allow easy client/server relationships on heterogeneous computer networks. Donovan's 64-bit Linux servers are designed especially for Internet Service Providers, small-and-medium sized businesses and educational institutions looking for high performance, high reliability servers and low total ownership costs. Donovan's Endeavor server, for instance, is the first 64-bit Linux server priced at under US$2,000. About Red Hat Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a market leader in open source operating system software, services and information. Along with its award-winning open source Red Hat Linux, Red Hat offers a full line of services, including telephone support, on-site consulting, developer training, certification programs and priority access updates, making Red Hat a leading resource for knowledgeable, innovative, mission-critical open source solutions. Red Hat Asia Pacific, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, gives users the infrastructure to provide open source solutions and support to Asia Pacific companies moving their business and Internet systems to Red Hat Linux.

These services are available throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and China. About Donovan Systems Donovan Systems is the first Linux hardware vendor in Asia and a caring contributor to open source computing development. Donovan designs and manufactures 64-bit Linux servers, which run on Linux and are powered by the Sun UltraSPARC 64-bit chip. A pioneer in 64-bit Linux development in Asia, Donovan has established, a web portal site to encourage software developers, hobbyists and students to port or develop applications for 64-bit Linux systems. The company also provides professional consultancy and training services for 64-bit Linux computing. Founded in 1991, Donovan has its corporate headquarters in Singapore, with research and development, and manufacturing facilities. The company has offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and in the Silicon Valley. Donovan is the first Sun Authorized Value-Added Integrator in Asia.