Matra Datavision appoints Pierre Bruno as Director of Specific Developments and Open CASCADE

Pierre Bruno has joined Matra Datavision as Director of Specific Developments and Open CASCADE. He aims to oversee the growing worldwide utilization of Open CASCADE and to further develop the program of services associated to these Open Source 3D modeling components. The new economic model created around Open CASCADE was launched in December 1999 and has shown continued success with increasing international collaboration in research and industry.

Companies such as Samtech, EADS, CEA, Rina, Mitutoyo, BMW, IBM, Reebok, Yazaki, Honda, and Nippon Steel and research entities in Belgium, Canada, France, Israel, Germany, Norway, Russia and the United States, pool their talents by using Open CASCADE components for a number of leading-edge industrial applications. According to Pierre Bruno, "Development activity around Open Source software occupies an increasingly important place in the information technology landscape. This innovative approach to software development will be the motor behind an explosion of new markets and opportunities. Open CASCADE is key to extending the potential of technical Open Source applications and will give industry and research an effective way to enrich software and fine-tune it to their particular needs. We aim to see Open CASCADE become the Open Source standard in the development of trade-specific scientific and technical applications. ", "With over 5,500 downloaders of the Open CASCADE components within six months and a fast-growing developer community, the Open CASCADE team is highly motivated and eager to continue evangelization around Open CASCADE.

Business perspectives for 2000 - 2001 include increasing expansion and independent development of the Open CASCADE activity. ", "Open CASCADE is a set of established 3D modeling components from Matra Datavision dedicated to the development of trade-specific technical and scientific applications ranging from mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE to metrology and measuring machines, biomedical software, 3D geological mapping, and optical simulation. Certified Version 3.0 of Open CASCADE includes components for the modeling data structure, modeling algorithms, visualization, data exchange, an application framework, and foundation classes, as well as the WOK development environment. Available on both Linux and Unix, WOK facilitates the work of groups of developers working simultaneously on different products and optimizes utilization of the Open CASCADE components.

Open CASCADE version 3.0 is available on Linux Mandrake and Red Hat, Windows NT and Windows 95, IBM/AIX, Sun Solaris and SGI IRIX platforms. ", "Matra Datavision is a leading international supplier of engineering solutions and services to companies looking for competitive advantage from continuous improvement of design-to-manufacturing processes. A wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, Europe's largest aerospace, defense and systems group, Matra Datavision counts over 700 engineers and consultants in Europe and North America. Matra Datavision solutions address the needs of companies of all sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing and machinery, consumer product and electromechanical industries. Matra Datavision offers customers a comprehensive range of engineering services designed to help them implement, deploy and profit from end-to-end engineering solutions. This service portfolio includes consulting, deployment and implementation, education, and engineering services. Matra Datavision is certified ISO 9001 for the conception and deployment of engineering services. ",