Lockheed Martin uses Linux NetworX to evaluate Navy aircraft

Linux NetworX, Inc., a leading provider of large-scale clustered computer solutions for Internet, industry and research fields, announced today that Lockheed Martin Corp. is now using its products to aid in the analysis of U.S. Navy aircraft. Using a Linux NetworX R-Cluster system with 64 nodes (computers) and 128 processors, Lockheed Martin is assisting the Navy with evaluating the remaining service life of the EP-3E Reconnaissance Airplane. The high-computation powered R-Cluster helps Lockheed Martin compute the aerodynamic loads on the EP-3E plane throughout the flight envelope, as part of the Navy's Service Life Assessment Program (SLAP).

SLAP is a fatigue damage estimate and operational availability evaluation. Linux NetworX achieves outstanding price performance by building its cluster systems from high-quality commodity components and then implementing its proprietary easy-to-use cluster management and optimization tools. The proprietary management tools Linux NetworX provides allow a cluster system with any number of individual nodes to appear as a single image, or one system. These management tools allow the user to remotely monitor, access and manage the cluster system. Lockheed Martin plans to use its Linux NetworX R-Cluster system for the EP-3E project through 2001, and will continue using the system in other various projects demanding high-computation power in the future.