Transvirtual Consolidates Desktop and Embedded Kaffe Implementations

Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., developers of the award-winning Kaffe cross-platform development environment, announced consolidation of its Kaffe implementations for desktop and embedded systems. The single Kaffe implementation will be made available as Open Source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL) by the fourth quarter of this year. Kaffe is a totally independent, 'run-anywhere' cross-platform environment that supports technologies from both Sun and Microsoft, including Microsoft's extensions for Windows and Windows CE. It also supports Linux, Sun's Solaris and DOS operating environments, as well as all leading processors for desktop, handheld and embedded systems. By consolidating its desktop and embedded Kaffe implementations, Transvirtual will ensure that enhancements will be made and delivered consistently across the spectrum of platforms and environments supported by Kaffe. In addition, by making Kaffe available under a General Public License, Transvirtual will be able to leverage the efforts of tens of thousands of developers worldwide to add features and performance enhancements to Kaffe.