MontaVista and Century Software Announce Availability of ViewML, a Small Footprint Open Source Web Browser for Embedded Linux Platforms

MontaVista and Century Software have announced the availability of ViewML, a freely-available, open source web browser targeted specifically at the embedded Linux platform. The browser accelerates development and deployment of browser-enabled devices such as handheld computers, navigation systems, smart phones, and set-top boxes. ViewML is developed and maintained from publicly available source code with contributions from the embedded Linux community.

The first release implements HTML 3.2 display capabilities, along with a user interface and a basic JavaScript interpreter, all in about 2 MB of RAM. ViewML runs on both the standard X Window System as well as the Microwindows embedded windowing system. MontaVista's embedded CDK (Cross Development Kit) is available from their website and supports cross compilation of ViewML source code into a range of embedded target systems. Hard Hat Linux, an open-source operating system tailored for embedded software applications, is also available from MontaVista. The company's Subscription Plans provide Linux support, porting, and customization services to customers worldwide.