SuSE Linux Leads Drive to AMD's x86-64 Architecture with Linux Port

SuSE Linux and AMD have announced a partnership to drive the development of Linux on AMD's new 64-bit architecture, x86-64. The first versions of development tools (GCC and binutils) have already been written by SuSE developer Jan Hubicka. This collaboration will enable platform suppliers, developers, and corporations to transition to 64-bit environments while continuing to have leading performance on the vast installed base of existing 32-bit applications. The x86-64 port of Linux will run new 64 bit applications as well as currently existing 32 bit ix86 Linux applications. SuSE is a leader in open source operating system software and has received numerous awards for its products. AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. CodeSourcery LLC is a provider of custom software engineering services with a focus on free and open source development tools.