Embedding X: The Flexibility and Reliability of the X Window System in Consumer Electronics

Metro Link, Inc. (www.metrolink.com) CTO Garry Paxinos and Technical Director Stuart Anderson will speak at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA on the advantages of using the X Window System in embedded systems on Thursday, August 17 from 10:30 to 11:45 am. In their presentation, Paxinos and Anderson will explain the flexibility, reliability, and portability that make the choice of embedding X ideal for use in consumer electronics, such as set-top boxes, and other embedded systems.

They will also discuss how the size issue can be overcome to make embedded X a viable option. Paxinos has been with Metro Link since 1990 and is responsible for direct product development, including X servers, ports of products to various operating systems, Real-Time video support and special projects. Anderson has been with Metro Link since 1995 and is responsible for multiple platform support, including product support on Alpha and PowerPC processors. He also designed Metro Link's product build environment and is a member of the Written sub-committee of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) project. Metro Link can be found partnering with Linux Global Partners and TheLinuxStore.com/LinuxMall.com on the conference floor. For more information about Metro Link or to learn how embedding X can benefit your mission-critical or business-critical application, call 1-800-821-8315.