HP Receives Assurance of Linux Compatibility from Linuxcare Labs

HP has received assurance of Linux compatibility from Linuxcare Labs, a recognized leader in providing comprehensive professional services and solutions for Linux and open-source technologies. Linuxcare Labs has certified several HP NetServer systems and HP Business Desktop PCs running on major commercial Linux distributions. This certification makes HP a leading manufacturer supporting Linux across the entire PC server platform. Linuxcare will continue to test and certify additional products for HP in the coming months. The certification by Linuxcare Labs gives Linux users the assurance that the systems they purchase are fully supported under major Linux distributions. Linuxcare's work for HP furthers the importance of Linux certification as Global 1000 companies introduce Linux-based solutions into their organizations. This press release is newsworthy for a news site focused on free software and open source as it highlights the growing acceptance of Linux in business environments and the role that Linuxcare Labs plays in legitimizing this movement.