Bynari International Releases TradeServer, a Linux Host for Microsoft Outlook(tm)

Bynari International has released version 1.0 of TradeServer, a Linux host for Microsoft Outlook(tm) that is built upon a foundation of Open Source software and enhanced by Bynari's exclusive Administration Interface. The solution provides messaging, collaboration, and personal activity management features, and supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP, and iCalendar functions. TradeServer has undergone extensive testing with several large enterprises supporting as many as 3500 simultaneous logins and demonstrates stability and performance known to Linux and RFC compliant software. The downloadable RFC compliant messaging and collaboration server runs on Linux Debian 2.0 and 2.1, Slackware 7.1, and Mandrake 7.0. TradeServer belongs to Bynari's TradeSuite which includes TradeXCH, a Linux/UNIX client for Microsoft Exchange.

The server has an installation program similar to Installshield(tm) and an easy-to-use Administration Console written with gtk+. Bynari has also released its free messaging and collaboration client for Linux and UNIX called TradeClient. Taken together, TradeServer allows Microsoft Outlook clients and Linux clients to work together for maximum interoperability and collaboration in any size enterprise environment. Users can find demonstration copies of TradeXCH and TradeServer along with installation manuals and user guides at Product keys can be purchased from with CD's available from the Bynari on-line store. TradeServer and TradeXCH include 30 day toll-free technical support. Contact Information: Bynari Inc. 2639 Electronic Lane Suite 110 Dallas, TX 75220 1-800-241-1086 214-350-5772