X11R6.5.1 Released: Enhancing the Standard Graphical User Interface of UNIX and Linux Systems

The release of X11R6.5.1 enhances the standard graphical user interface of UNIX and Linux systems. The new software includes key enhancements in the Xprint, as well as nearly two hundred updates from the prior release, X11R6.4. This release was also the first one to use the new 'FastTrack' process which makes the new software available to the public much more quickly than in the past. The X Window System is a successful open source, collaborative technology developed to date and is the de facto standard graphical engine for the UNIX and Linux operating systems. X.Org is an organization of The Open Group that develops and executes effective strategies which provide world-wide stewardship of the X Window System technology and standards through funding by some of the leading computing companies in the world.