KDE: The Best Desktop for Linux/UNIX Operating Systems

KDE, a popular desktop for Linux/UNIX operating systems, was honored as Show Favorite in the Desktop category at the LinuxWorld Expo. The award reaffirms that KDE is the desktop of choice for Linux users. In two surveys conducted by Borland last year, over half of the respondents indicated they run KDE as their desktop environment. KDE's major contributions to Linux/UNIX include ease of installation, configuration, use and development. It provides an attractive, functional and intuitive desktop based on reusable components and network transparency.

It also offers a framework for applications that provide a consistent, yet highly customizable, look-and-feel. For the developer, KDE offers the best Open Source development platform featuring an assortment of superb Open Source, free development tools such as KDevelop, KDE Studio, and Trolltech's Qt Designer, and commercial ones such as Borland's Kylix, the Linux version of Delphi. Currently development is focused on KDE 2, which will for the first time offer a fully object-oriented, component-based desktop and office suite. KDE 2 promises to make the Linux desktop as easy to use as popular commercial desktops while staying true to open standards and empowering developers and users with quality Open Source software.