Linuxcare and Motive Communications Announce Automated E-Service Solution for Linux

Linuxcare, Inc., a recognized leader in providing comprehensive professional services and solutions for Linux and open-source technologies, has announced the development of an automated, highly scalable e-service solution for Linux. The company has licensed Motive's e-service software to power a state-of-the-art Internet-based service offering, allowing Linuxcare to deliver personalized and automated services to its customers. The initial target customers for this service will be hardware OEMs, ISPs, and ASPs. With more than 1.3 million servers shipped in 1999, Linux is the fastest growing platform of choice for e-businesses and the need for Linux support has increased with its popularity. Previously, Linux companies were limited to providing service via call centers and Internet capabilities such as chat rooms, newsgroups and community forums. Linuxcare extends these capabilities by combining its Linux technical expertise with Motive's software, which uniquely gathers context-including user identification, problem diagnosis, and computing device details-to guide customers to highly-targeted self-service answers and solutions or, if necessary, technical support engineers (TSEs). The context, which also includes a history of previous resolutions, allows the TSE to diagnose and resolve problems much faster, resulting in dramatically improved customer service. Additionally, Motive's infrastructure will provide the scalability needed to meet the demands of the rapidly growing Linux market, so Linuxcare can provide the same high quality of support regardless of the volume of requests.