IndyBox Systems Announces Availability of Debian GNU/Linux on RS2200 Server Line

IndyBox Systems, a leading manufacturer of Linux computers, has announced the availability of Debian GNU/Linux on its RS2200 server line. IndyBox is known for its unique range of servers exclusively operating GNU/Linux and continues to be a leader in the open source community. The Debian Project, an all-volunteer organization that maintains a complete and 100% free GNU/Linux operating system distribution, has dedicated this release to the memory of Joel Klecker, a Debian developer who fought Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy during most of his involvement with Debian. IndyBox Systems preloads its workstation and server computers with both Debian GNU/Linux and Red Hat Linux operating systems. Free Software is more reliable and adaptable to the real needs of its users due to its open development process, which attracts those people who are both most interested and most competent to improve the software.