Metro Link Inc. Hiring X Window System Programmers for Linux and Embedded Systems Markets

Metro Link Inc., a software development company specializing in graphics display technology solutions for Linux, UNIX, embedded Linux and embedded systems, is hiring X Window System programmers to accommodate new business opportunities in the Linux and embedded systems markets. The company's reputation as 'The X Experts' makes it attractive to engineers with specialized skill sets, and its relaxed office environment makes recruitment easier. Contributing largely to Metro Link's growth spurt is the embedded systems market, which is experiencing explosive growth. The company's latest product, Micro-X, is a flexible X server that reduces to a static server as small as 600K and is fully compatible with the X Protocol. Metro Link's growth hasn't stopped yet, with engineers still being recruited to handle new project development. The company was the first to ship commercial software for Linux and remains at the core of Linux and other Open Source software development and support.