Loki Wins 'Best of Show' at LinuxWorld

Loki Software wins 'Best of Show' at LinuxWorld, with attendees casting their web-based ballots for the best overall for-Linux programs available. Loki booth visitors enjoyed testing their piloting skills with Descent 3 for Linux on a precision three-axis motion base simulator and playing other recent or soon-to-be-released titles from Loki, including Soldier of Fortune, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and MindRover.

Paul Nolan was also on-hand to show users the unique features of the stunning graphics package Photogenics which will soon be published by Loki. Loki Software is a leading publisher of best-selling games for the Linux operating system and works with leading game publishers and developers to port their best-selling PC titles to Linux. In addition to this arsenal of games, Loki has initiated and continues to support several Open Source development projects, including OpenAL(tm), a cross-platform 3D-Audio Library, and SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG), a general-purpose MPEG video/audio player for Linux. Loki also distributes Debian GNU/Linux and publishes other Linux programs: PowerPlant, a powerful suite of developer tools from theKompany.com, and Photogenics, an exciting graphics package by Paul Nolan. For more information visit www.lokigames.com.