Open Source Development Platform Chosen to Deliver OS & Applications to Helio PDA

VTech Information, a leading consumer-focused technology company, has announced the selection of Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., developers of the PocketLinux Platform, as the provider of Linux and PocketLinux expertise for the Helio PDA product line. In support of this agreement, Transvirtual began presenting the PocketLinux Platform running on the Helio device at LinuxWorld this morning in order to raise awareness of the hardware and software platform. VTech and Transvirtual have also agreed to cooperate in the design of a Linux-based PDA device suitable for the consumer market. The companies have set a preliminary target date of Q1 2001 for the completion of this project. The Helio PDA has a 75 MHz., 32-bit RISC processor, 8 MB of SDRAM, plus 2 MB of flash. It sports a 160 x 160 pixels, 16-level gray scale, full-graphic, electro-luminescent blue-green backlit display, and a 1024 x 1024 resistive analog touchpad. PocketLinux includes Kaffe, a totally independent,