LPI Launches Japanese Translation of Linux Certification Exams

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announced today the commencement of the translation of its Linux certification exams into the Japanese language.

The translation project, which is expected to be completed by the fall of 2000, is to be funded by a consortium of companies dedicated to the advancement of Linux in Japan. This is the first of what LPI hopes will be other efforts to offer the LPI program in languages other than English. The Japanese translation of the LPI website is complete and may be seen at http://www.yesitis.co.jp/LPI/. Consistent with LPI's non-profit, community operations, the drive for the translation came from Japanese Linux vendors and users. LPI is also working with groups to produce and promote the LPI program in German, French and other languages. The LPI Japan secretariat has been established within the Tokyo head office of SGI Japan Ltd. The group will fund the translation of the LPI program into Japanese, and also promote LPI and Linux certification within Japan. Yasuyuki Kido, President & CEO of NEONAGY, INC. is vice-chairman of the secretariat. Other directors are.