ASL Announces World's First Dual FC-PGA Pentium III, 1U Rackmount Server with Double the Features in Half the Space

ASL, Inc. announced the release of the Lancelot 1200, a 1U rackmount server that is designed to optimize applications for B2B, ISP and internal corporate and enterprise networking. The Lancelot 1200 features over-the-edge performance in a highly scalable and compact unit, with features such as 3 hot swappable drives and the most innovative thermal cooling system in the industry.

This space-saving form factor means users can double the number of servers in the same cabinet space, saving space and rental costs for off-site hosting fees at data centers. The Lancelot 1200 also offers extremely high performance, scalability, and the flexibility to upgrade. It has features such as Dual Channel SCSI and Dual Network Interface Cards (NICs) for load balancing and high availability, dual Intel Fast Ethernet adapters that double the bandwidth for high-traffic Web servers, a dual-channel 160/m Ultra SCSI controller that offers maximum data transfer rates up to 320MB/sec, and three hot-swappable SCA-2 drives that allow users to configure high-capacity RAID-5 storage. The Lancelot 1200 is designed with an advanced thermal design featuring a copper CPU heatsink and high-speed, ball-bearing fan to provide the best cooling for high-speed processors in a small form factor.

It also comes with the industry-leading Mandrake or Redhat Linux operating system preinstalled and preconfigured. The Lancelot 1200 is available directly through ASL sales at The toll-free phone number is 1-877-ASL-3535.

Fax is (408) 941-2071. ASL, Inc. is the industry's leading Linux systems specialist, with a significant presence in the high-tech, academic, government, and Internet Service Provider markets. ASL systems offer superior performance and value with competitive pricing and more value-added features. Drawing on a deep knowledge of the Linux operating system, the company also offers outstanding customer service, and extensive system customization.