Atipa Corporation Launches New File Servers with Award-Winning BRU Backup

Atipa Corporation, a leading provider of end-to-end Linux and open source solutions, has announced the release of two new file servers, File Server and File Server Plus, as part of its Product Solution Series. These scalable, easy-to-use products are upgradeable and affordable, and can be integrated into Linux, Windows, or Unix platforms. The file servers feature a pre-installed internal tape backup system powered by BRU, the leading Linux backup solution for networked applications. The File Server is an entry-level server with built-in floppy, CD, and tape drives best suited for small to medium sized organizations with up to 100 users sharing files and smaller databases. The File Server Plus is ideal for larger companies with over 100 users or for organizations like small graphics firms or company departments that share larger graphics files over 500 MB. Both file servers are feature-rich and trusted by customers for their outstanding reliability, flexibility, speed, and ease of use.