VistaSource partners with Zoned In to bring AnywareOffice to 1.6 million households

VistaSource has announced a new partnership with Zoned In, a full-service Internet provider. Under the terms of the agreement, every customer who subscribes to Zoned In's services will have full access to AnywareOffice, the full-featured productivity suite from VistaSource. The partnership aims to provide a comprehensive Internet Operating System (IOS) complete with a virtual desktop for personal productivity and administrative tasks. Zoned In projects subscriptions of 1.6 million by mid-year 2001, which will equate to the same number of households accessing AnywareOffice applications. The partnership is expected to reach millions of consumers and provide cost effective service to the underserved small business sector. AnywareOffice is the VistaSource flagship product and includes office applications, database connectivity, and an application development tool that allows the user to customize and extend the functionality of the existing application set. The partnership is expected to be a perfect fit for both companies and will provide VistaSource with the potential to reach millions of consumers.