Appgen Adds Java-based Personal Finance Software to Product Mix

Appgen Business Software is a privately held company based in Hauppauge, NY that specializes in business applications development for the Linux platform. The company's latest product addition is Moneydance, a Java-based personal finance software that runs on virtually any operating system and offers features such as transaction auto-completion, check printing, multiple currencies, and support for multiple accounts. Version 3.0 of Moneydance is near completion and will provide additional features such as online banking, investment management, and budgeting tools. Appgen's cross-platform technology allows end-users to migrate between various Linux, Unix, and Windows environments without retraining or re-entering data. The company provides complete documentation, email and fax support, optional training courses, developer certification, and access to the Appgen Developers Group Online. For more information about Moneydance and Appgen's complete cross-platform business solutions, please contact the company.