Linux NetworX Brings Value to Customers with Complete Cluster Solutions

Linux NetworX, Inc., a provider of large-scale clustered computer solutions for Internet, industry and research fields, announced today that Rockwell Science Center will be using Linux NetworX clustering technology for simulating aerodynamic fluid flow in the analysis of aerospace systems. The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) department at Rockwell Science Center will use the cluster system to develop fluid-simulation software tools that enable design evaluation, performance analysis, and trouble shooting in examining how the flow of gases and liquids impact space vehicles and military aircraft. Linux NetworX brings value to customers by providing complete cluster solutions that are manageable, easy-to-maintain and cost effective to administer. The company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world and has developed unique hardware and versatile software to facilitate overall system management. Rockwell Science Center is a leader in a broad range of technologies including materials, electronics, imaging, optics, information, and computation. Linux is a computer operating system that is distributed freely on the Internet. As an open source project, Linux allows developers to share information, code and suggestions to continuously maintain and improve the system.