VeriSign Selected as Default Provider of Web Site Digital Certificates for Penguin Computing's Secure Linux-based E-commerce Servers Equipped with Nuron's Encryption Acceleration

VeriSign has been selected as the default provider of Web site digital certificates for Penguin Computing's Secure Linux-based E-commerce Servers equipped with Nuron's Encryption Acceleration.

This integration enables the automatic generation of 'digital keys' required to create a Web site digital certificate, and allows administrators to seamlessly enroll and purchase a VeriSign Web site digital certificate in either standard 40-bit or 128-bit 'strong encryption' versions. The Nuron AcB places a reprogrammable logic coprocessor into the memory slot of any standard server or workstation, delivering the fastest and most versatile coprocessor capability available. The first commercial application for Nuron's AcB is SSL encryption acceleration, which speeds the processing of VeriSign-enabled secured transactions by accelerating the server to handle 1,400 transactions per second. This results in site-wide performance enhancements and improves the overall customer experience with secure Web sites. The integration of VeriSign's Web site digital certificates with Nuron's SSL-encryption acceleration inside Penguin Computing's servers gives business organizations the optimized speed and encrypted transaction functionality they require to successfully conduct high-volume business transactions over the Internet.