Linbox Appoints Jean-Pierre Laisné as President and CEO

Linbox has appointed Jean-Pierre Laisné as its president and CEO.

The company has recently raised Euro 2.5 million in its first venture capital round and is moving rapidly to develop and expand the Linux-based network computing market where it enjoys a leading position in Europe. Linbox offers a range of solutions and professional services to schools, small organizations and corporate networks looking for an affordable, easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain network computing solution that is fully compatible with legacy applications and operating systems. The company's Linbox Network Architecture is an open approach to Linux Network Computing based on diskless standard computers on the desktop side (such as the Linbox Net Station), and full featured servers (such as the Linbox Net Server). Linbox is working closely with SuSE Linux AG and MandrakeSoft SA. The company raised euro 2.5 million from the investors Europatweb (the Internet incubator of Groupe Arnault) and Financière de Brienne (investor backed by the French Ministry of Defence) in April 2000. Linbox's headquarters and Research facilities are located in France.