Remote Debugging Now Possible with PDK 2.0 from ActiveState

ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting open source infrastructure software, announced today the availability of a new version of the Perl Dev Kit (PDK 2.0). The new version allows remote debugging of Perl scripts running on Unix and Windows platforms as well as on a Web server. PDK's enhanced tools enable novice and experienced developers to develop, debug, and deploy code more quickly.

PDK customers include large telecom, financial, computer, ISP, aerospace and educational institutions. The ActiveState Perl Dev Kit has provided customers with a complete, ready-to-go set of development tools, which saves a tremendous amount of programming effort. Free seven-day trial licenses can be downloaded from A single user license is $125. Existing customers can upgrade for $30.

Educational, bulk and enterprise licenses are also available. ActiveState is at the forefront of Open Source software, providing products and services for all popular Operating Systems including Windows, Linux and Solaris. ActiveState's key technology platforms are Perl, the Internet's most popular programming language and Python, a user-friendly scripting language. ActiveState solutions provide enterprise-wide deployment of Perl, improved programmer productivity, and seamless integration with other technologies. ActiveState believes in the evolution of core Perl and Python technologies and is committed to broadening the appeal of Perl and Python by making available easy to install packages for popular operating systems.