KDE Dot News Launches: A New Site for KDE Community Discussion and Development

The KDE Desktop Environment project has launched a new news and discussion site called KDE Dot News. The site aims to foster the growth of the KDE community by providing developers, users, and other parties with a convenient means of making the community aware of relevant developments and allowing for public input. The site is based on a slightly hacked Squishdot 0.7.x, Zope 2.2.x, and Python 1.5.x, with an Apache proxy thrown into the equation. It is hosted on a beefy Linux server courtesy of KDE.com. Thanks go to everyone involved in the project, including Raphael Bauduin for writing several articles, Kurt Granroth for the site logo, Andreas Pour for web hosting and technical support, and Nadia D'Alfonso, Serge Arsenault, Victor Calzado, Matthias Elter, David Faure, Serena Fenton, Arnt Gulbrandsen, Martin Konold, Ulrich Schreiner, Casey Allen Shobe, Bill Soudan, Cristian Tibirna, and Robert Williams for their input, suggestions, admin or article contributions. The site is currently in beta and bug reports can be sent to bugs@kdenews.org.