PMfax for Linux: Keller Group Brings Full-Featured Fax and Voice Features to Linux Desktop

The top selling fax software for OS/2 now runs on Linux. A free beta version of PMfax for Linux is immediately available from and Keller Group intends to provide their entire product line on Linux, OS/2 and other platforms. The PMfax software provides full-featured fax and voice features and supports a wide variety of modems and fax hardware. Adding PMfax to the Linux desktop makes Linux a more complete environment for many corporate, small office and personal users. PMfax for Linux has been tested on many Linux distributions including Red Hat, Caldera, Corel, SuSE, TurboLinux, Mandrake, Peanut and others. The PMfax product line includes a free PMfax Lite personal version, the PMfax Pro standalone retail version ($99) and the PMfax LAN fax server product ($399 and up). With the PMfax version 4 product line, customers will be able to run the PMfax engines on Linux, OS/2 or other platforms and LAN products will support any combination of Linux, OS/2, Windows and NT workstations. Keller Group, founded in 1990, as been a leader in fax and voice technology. Keller's FaxWorks OS/2 and PMfax products are the best selling OS/2 fax software products, and FaxWorks Lite was licensed by IBM for OS/2 Warp/3 and Warp/4.