Linux-Mandrake: Rising Popularity and Awards

MandrakeSoft, a publisher of Linux-Mandrake operating system, received the Linux Magazine Editor's choice Award and announced July record sales in the United States. According to PC Data, Linux-Mandrake solution distributed by Macmillan in the US lead July Linux sales with more than 30% market share. This latest news confirms the rising popularity of Linux-Mandrake in end-users and SOHO market spaces.

The previous March 2000 figures ranked Linux-Mandrake second in retail sales with a 30% global market share. The Linux Magazine Editor's choice Award attributed this month to Linux-Mandrake in the US makes it the best client distribution and validates that it is the best desktop Linux distribution for beginners as well as seasoned users. About MandrakeSoft, it publishes Linux-Mandrake operating system based on open-source development and has received several awards for its product. Macmillan USA, a unit of Pearson Technology Group, distributed the Linux-Mandrake solution in the US and has a dominance in the retail industry. This latest marketshare news pushes Linux software to the top of the market and consolidates MandrakeSoft's leadership position.