Launches PythonLabs Professional Services Program, a worldwide leader in Python technologies, has launched its PythonLabs Professional Services Program. The program offers custom application development, technical support and Python technology development for dotcoms and major enterprises. Companies can contract BeOpen PythonLabs on a project basis and can also sponsor development of the Python language. Python is setting a new standard for creating advanced Internet-centric applications and providing leading firms with improved time-to-market, reduced maintenance costs and greater leverage than Java, Perl and C++. The complexity of developing distributed server, embedded and even desktop applications continues to grow rapidly and traditional solutions are simply adding to this complexity. Python lets us focus on the business problem at hand and generate flexible, long-lasting solutions that excite users and are ready in much less time than traditional projects.

This is how mission-critical systems should be built. Bruce Eckel, a leading consultant and author of 'Thinking in Java' and 'Thinking in C++', echoes these sentiments: 'Python is the most productive language I've ever used. I can program 10 times faster than any of the other tools I have used. It's free, it's object-oriented, it adapts to everything, it runs on everything.

It''s the first tool I reach for when I need to solve a problem.' Corporate clients who would like to discuss their Python or rapid application needs should contact leads the worldwide development of Python technology and supplies professional services for dotcom and enterprise application development.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Virginia, Washington and Kansas and a network of Python Associates worldwide, is ready to serve you. Visit BeOpen PythonLabs at About Python Python is an open source, object-oriented application development language. Python is widely respected for its easy readability, stability, and portability across a wide range of platforms. Python has proven to be up to five times more efficient than traditional languages for demanding application development and maintenance. Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, and Red Hat are among the leading firms with major applications built on the Python platform.