SLUG Invited to Present Linux Solutions at Computers and Technology Showcase in Tampa

The Suncoast Linux Users Group (SLUG) has been invited to give a presentation at the upcoming Computers and Technology Showcase in Tampa on September 27th and 28th.

The event is an open invitation to all interested parties, and SLUG is extending the invitation to all Florida-based LUGs to attend. SLUG's mission is to showcase the viability of Linux as a business computing solution by presenting complete, secure, reliable, inexpensive, and wide-ranging solutions for both work and home use. The event will feature presentations from various Linux vendors and manufacturers, including Corel, Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrakesoft, Kondra, Slackware, Stormix, TurboLinux, Yellow Dog, and Linux Mall. SLUG has already confirmed a speaker from TurboLinux, Mr. William Peterson, and has invited members of other distributions to come and speak as well. The event will also feature various prizes and freebies from participating companies. SLUG is hoping to make this event one of the largest Linux presentations in the state and needs help from interested parties to achieve this goal. Directions on how to get there, including carpooling and early arrival, are being provided on a per-LUG basis. For more information, contact Norbert Cartagena or Bill Preece.