CRYPTOCard Launches CRYPTOAdmin 5.0: First Strong User Authentication Technology for protecting Web Sites, Email and Remote Access Security

CRYPTOCard Corp., leaders in strong user authentication (SUA) systems, has launched CRYPTOAdmin 5.0. The first SUA system that protects Apache, iPlanet and Microsoft IIS Web servers from unauthorized access - right down to the page level. With CRYPTOAdmin 5.0 companies can protect their email systems from attack and secure their web sites from unauthorized access, in addition to providing strong centralized authentication for all network access, regardless of network infrastructure or the location of users. CRYPTOAdmin 5.0 with WEBGuard ensures access to protected web pages is only permitted with the correct one-time password generated from a CRYPTOCard hardware or software token.

The system also provides an extra layer of security to protect private email from being accessed by malicious email attackers. CRYPTOAdmin 5.0 server runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux and Solaris. CRYPTOCard's SUA system is the most cost effective security application available today. CRYPTOCard's Authentication Server Software license is $7,495 compared with RSA's server license of $57,512 - a savings of $50K. And, unlike RSA, CRYPTOCard's tokens are purchased only once, are not time limited, and have replaceable batteries.