HotDispatch and Caldera Systems Announce Alliance to Create Online Marketplace for Linux Developers

HotDispatch and Caldera Systems have announced an alliance to create a new online marketplace for Linux developers to purchase and sell technical expertise. The marketplace will be built into Caldera's OpenLinux Developer Network and powered by HotDispatch technology, allowing participants to buy and sell intellectual property one question or project at a time. This partnership will provide Linux developers with access to thousands of other developers who are using HotDispatch while working with Linux code. The marketplace will enable developers to ask questions and offer compensation in exchange for rapid responses from other programmers. Caldera's users will benefit from experts participating through HotDispatch-powered sites around the world, since postings on any HotDispatch-driven site are pooled and made available to all HotDispatch members by the company's technology. The partnership is expected to provide a valuable resource for Linux developers, allowing them to quickly resolve problems and outsource projects.