TurboLinux Launches University Outreach Program to Advance Linux and Clustering Knowledge

TurboLinux, Inc., a high-performance Linux company, has launched its University Outreach Program to address the growing need for cutting-edge Linux and clustering solutions in universities. Over the past six months, TurboLinux has donated software and services to more than 300 universities across North America, providing generous discounts on high-end clustering solutions, sponsored Linux 'install fests' and attended numerous university events. The company has also donated over 11,000 Open Source edition CDs to colleges throughout North America. TurboLinux is dedicated to the growth of Linux in universities around the world and has identified key contacts with major hardware partners to provide complete hardware/software solutions at education pricing to qualified TurboLinux University Partners. The program supports student organizations such as computer science and engineering clubs, student chapters of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Student Linux Users Groups (LUGs). The new TurboLinux University Outreach Program in North America follows successful programs the company conducted in Japan and China.