Sacramento State University Teaches Systems Programming on TurboLinux and IBM eServer xSeries Platform

Sacramento State University has standardized on a TurboLinux Server and IBM xSeries platform to teach its upper division systems programming class to 130 students. The course work is uploaded onto the IBM xSeries Server running TurboLinux Server, and students access a password-protected Web page on the school's intranet, download assignments and send back the work via e-mail. Once the work is graded, each student's results are available for review on the site, stored in a database located on a xSeries server running TurboLinux.

The students conduct large software downloads from the xSeries running TurboLinux for their assignments. Despite the added stress and large downloads on the system, the server's performance has never degraded. Dr. Senad Busovaca, Professor of Computer Science at CSU, Sacramento, gave TurboLinux Server and IBM's xSeries an 'A+' in terms of performance and reliability. TurboLinux is proud to be the choice for leading universities throughout North America and around the world.

IBM has a long history supporting higher education. About TurboLinux Server 6.0: TurboLinux Server is engineered as a secure, high performance backend server for business workgroups in the enterprise. It includes robust e-commerce software for business-to-business transactions; Apache (secure Web server), Tallyman (e-commerce suite) and OpenMerchant (shopping cart). Pre-configured install options allow for quick and easy set up and a comprehensive set of network connectivity tools seamlessly integrate into almost any IT environment. TurboLinux, Inc. is a market leader in Linux software clustering solutions and Linux internationalization, with investment backing from more than 20 global computer companies.