PMfax for Linux: A New Full-Featured Fax and Voice Messaging Application

The PMfax fax and voice messaging application is released for Linux, adding key services to the Linux desktop. PMfax for Linux runs on all popular Linux distributions including Red Hat, Caldera, Corel, SuSE, TurboLinux, Mandrake, Peanut and others. The free PMfax Lite product supports fax sending and receiving with fax modems, and it also provides the features of a simple voice answering machine if your modem supports voice commands. For those who send or receive faxes more frequently, the PMfax Pro product ($99) adds useful features including complete fax editing, automatic receiving and printing, background send/receive while logged out, enhanced scripts for remote fax/voice retrieval and mailboxes, multiple phone books and distribution lists, and much more.

Options to support multiple lines are also available. Keller Group was founded in 1990. FaxWorks OS/2 and PMfax products are the best selling OS/2 fax software products, and FaxWorks Lite was licensed by IBM for OS/2 Warp/3 and Warp/4. Keller's fax products are known for their reliability and are widely used for multiline broadcasting, LAN faxing, fax-on-demand and other applications.