JYACC Launches New Open Source Application Development Environment for Linux

JYACC, Inc., an international enterprise software and solutions company, has announced the availability of the source code for its POSSLTM (Panther Open Source Software for Linux) technology and established a new open source online community, possl.org. CollabNet, a leading provider of collaborative software development platforms and services based on open source tools and principles, is providing its SourceCast environment as the infrastructure for the possl.org community site. POSSL is an enterprise application development environment that simplifies the building of transactional, component-based Web applications. The technology is based on Panther, a proven development environment used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe to build enterprise-level, mission-critical applications. The source code license for POSSL is modeled after the BSD license; it allows unrestricted use of the POSSL code in both open source and proprietary software. JYACC anticipates many future enhancements to the software and looks forward to expanded usage of the POSSL development environment for Linux.