VA Linux Offers Debian GNU/Linux on Its Servers

VA Linux Systems has announced that it is now offering Debian GNU/Linux software on its 2200 series Internet servers, along with technical support and free updates via the Internet. Customers can choose between Debian- and Red Hat-based Linux software for their systems. Debian is a popular non-commercial version of Linux that is highly regarded for its technical maturity and exceptional level of quality. The latest version, Debian 2.2, is fully compliant with the Linux Development Platform Specification (LDPS 1.0), which allows standardization of application development on Linux. VA Linux customers who choose Debian software will be able to take advantage of automatic software updates via 'apt-get', a tool that saves time by automatically identifying required security updates, software dependencies and desirable enhancements. The latest Debian GNU/Linux software updates will be available for download from a VA Linux-maintained Internet site at no additional cost. VA Linux Systems is the world's Linux leader and offers a range of Linux and Open Source solutions for the Web.