REDSonic releases RED-Probe, a graphical real-time monitoring tool for REDICE-Linux

REDSonic, Inc., a provider of real-time and embedded Linux solutions, has announced the release of RED-Probe, a graphical, real-time system event viewer and monitoring tool for REDICE-Linux. The tool allows developers to monitor all real-time and non-real-time tasks that are currently executing on an embedded system running REDICE-Linux.

It also enables users to isolate critical tasks, which require action to be taken in the microsecond range. Features of RED-Probe include easy-to-use graphical user interface, analysis of embedded real-time systems, dual mode (Active and Passive), remote monitoring, system task timeline zoom in and zoom out, display of task statistics, and host platform support on Linux and Windows. The tool is ideal for the design, development, and testing of industrial & automation systems, computer networks, medical instruments and devices, financial transaction applications, and security monitoring & response systems. RED-Probe can also be integrated with other REDSonic products such as RED-Gen. System requirements include an Intel x86 architecture CPU and above, VGA compatible display adapter, 128Mb RAM (256Mb recommended), 100Mb hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and a network adapter with TCP/IP. Software requirements include Python, wxPython, wxWindows, wxGTK - Linux, and wxMSW - Windows. REDSonic, Inc. provides total real-time Linux solutions for both embedded and server systems.