MusicMatch Releases Test Version of Jukebox for Linux

MusicMatch Inc., a maker of software for storing and playing music on personal computers, has released a test version of its jukebox for the Linux operating system. This makes MusicMatch the first major company to offer a mainstream jukebox for Linux, a free operating system that is increasingly touted as an alternative to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows platform. The move is significant because until now, the Linux community has had very few options for experiencing the freedom of digital music. The MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux 1.0 is a beta version of the software that was created with CodeWeavers, a company that works on making Windows programs run on Linux. While Linux has gained traction among businesses for tasks like serving up Web pages, it has been slow to break into the consumer market, partly because of a lack of popular and easy-to-use applications. Originally developed by Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds, Linux is an open-source operating system, meaning anyone can examine the basic code of the software, make changes to it and post their work on the Internet for free. The MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux satisfies an intense demand for all-in-one jukebox software for the Linux platform.