Merlin Software Technologies Demonstrates First Linux Fax Server at Comdex Fall's Linux Business Expo

Merlin Software Technologies has demonstrated its Communicado Fax product at Comdex Fall's Linux Business Expo, which is the first Linux fax server that allows users to fax from any application on any platform. The product combines application-based print-to-fax from multi-platform clients with a powerful multi-line server platform based on the stability and scalability of the Linux platform. Communicado Fax has a wide range of features, including broad application compatibility, user conveniences such as address books and built-in fax viewer with thumbnails, power features such as broadcasting, forwarding, and detailed usage reporting and accounting, and support for multiple inbound and outbound lines. The product is available now for selected OEM partners and will ship in December 2000. Merlin Software Technologies is a software publishing company that provides Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac users with unique Linux and Unix-based software that improves system productivity and reliability.