Trustix AS Releases Improved and Updated Version of High-Performing Linux Operating System

Trustix AS has released an improved and updated version of its high-performing Linux operating system, Trustix Secure Linux 1.2. The release is primarily a maintenance release with software package updates and product testing to achieve a more secure and higher performing distribution.

However, it also includes important new features such as support for IP Sec VPN and additional IP masquerading setup. Trustix Secure Linux is open source and can be downloaded for free at the Trustix Web site. It is also available for purchase from Trustix' global network of distributors and resellers. The distribution is designed to provide essential services and applications, high performance, security, and reliability. Trustix is a leading Internet infrastructure software company that provides tools for management of systems, software, security, and information. They offer solutions such as Trustix XPloy, XSentry Firewall, TXPI, and Manage your eBusiness!.