ActiveState Wins Best Programming Tool Award for ActivePerl 5.6

ActiveState, a leading provider of Internet programming software and services, won the best programming tool award for ActivePerl 5.6 in the annual WebTechniques Web Tools Award. The judges were impressed with ActivePerl's ability to develop within an ASP environment while still having access to what made Perl popular in the first place: pattern matching and regular expressions, the Perl built-in functions, and a vast library of free or low-cost Perl modules to use in your code. The Web Tools Awards recognize the most innovative proprietary and open source products used in every stage of the Web development and maintenance process. ActivePerl 5.6 marks a new level of portability for Perl users on Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms. Benefits of ActivePerl 5.6 include cross-platform availability, faster installation with the binary build, easily accessible documentation in html format, and easy module installation, removal, and upgrading with the Perl Package Manager (PPM).