New Release of PythonWorks Pro: Improved Features and Support for More Platforms

Secret Labs AB has released a new version of their integrated development environment for Python, which includes support for more platforms, a version control system, an enhanced uiToolkit and a more powerful layout editor. The new features make it easier for developers to create Python applications using the built-in tools. PythonWorks Pro is entirely developed in Python and contains an editor, project manager, deployment tool, integrated browser, debugger, and proprietary interface design tool. An evaluation copy can be downloaded at The company behind PythonWorks Pro, Secret Labs AB, has made substantial contributions to the development of Python and provides vertically customized versions of PythonWorks for specific purposes, as well as a portal with tools, libraries, documentation, and information about Python and PythonWorks. They also offer seminars and training in Python and PythonWorks.