KDE League Promotes Open Source Desktop Environment

The KDE League, a group of industry leaders and developers focused on promoting the use of the advanced Open Source desktop alternative on PCs, workstations and handheld devices by enterprises and individuals and on promoting the development of KDE software by third-party developers. The League will not be directly involved in developing the core KDE libraries and applications, although League members are encouraged to contribute to the KDE codebase in the spirit of KDE's wildly successful 'Bazaar-style' development. Instead, the industry leaders have united to provide financial, moral and promotional support to KDE with three principal goals in mind: to ensure that KDE remains a desktop standard for Linux and other UNIX workstations and PCs and that KDE becomes a desktop standard on handheld devices. Second, to help KDE compete effectively, on its merits, with proprietary and other desktops prevalent today. Third, to encourage third-party developers to develop for the KDE platform, thereby providing KDE users with a wide assortment of software that makes use of KDE's cutting-edge technologies.