ICS Ports Open Motif to Accelerate Migration of Enterprise Unix Applications to Linux on IA64

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) has announced the immediate availability of Open Motif for Intel's forthcoming Itanium processor-based systems. This is the first port of Motif, the industry standard GUI toolkit for UNIX applications, for IA64 Linux on Intel Itanium systems. Most mission-critical applications that run on UNIX use Motif as an integral part of their application. Open Motif is available for free downloads at the MotifZone, ICS's Motif portal site (http://www.motifzone.net).

This release includes the latest bug fixes to Open Motif provided by other vendors and the open source community. ICS is the current market leader in Motif graphical user interface development tools, Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO). In its fifth major release and representing over 100 person years of effort, BX PRO defines a level of sophistication, functionality and ease of use that is unmatched in the industry. The combination of BX PRO from ICS and Code Fusion from Red Hat software was awarded the Editor's Choice award by the leading Linux magazine, The Linux Journal, for the Best New Application for Software Development. Turbolinux, Inc., the leader in high-performance Linux for Internet infrastructure solutions, has been a leader in developing Linux for IA64 and sees this step as critical for ISVs in making their applications available on Intel's next-generation systems.