DemoLinux: A Revolutionary CD-ROM for Network Computing

The press release describes a new product called DemoLinux, which is a CD-ROM that turns a conventional client workstation into a thin client fully adapted to the user's requirements.

The CD-ROM is a pocket computer that can be easily transported and unbroken. It features the office environments Gnome and KDE, StarOffice by Sun Microsystems, and several hundred applications. DemoLinux is a high-performance office automation environment based on the Debian Potato distribution (version 2.2). Linbox, the company behind DemoLinux, is also developing a turnkey LNA solution for business, which is based on a bootable CD-ROM that automatically installs a server-centric network architecture in five minutes. The LNA architecture adopts an open approach to networking and takes networking into the post-PC era through its ability to adapt to existing systems without modifications. Linbox has offices and research centers in France, and raised E2.5 million from Europatweb and La Financière de Brienne in April 2000. The press release also mentions DemoLinux, an organization that promotes Linux and Free Software.